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FF Dingbats 2.0 is 12 fonts: 1 Basic Forms, 2 Numbers, 3 Arrows One, 4 Arrows Two, 5 Arrows Three, 6 Circles & Crosses, 7 Stars & Flowers, 8 Mixed Forms, 9 Human, 10 Office, 11 Technics, 12 Strong Forms

Book & Book Italic, Medium & Medium Italic, Bold & Bold Italic, Black & Black Italic

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Display the Glyphs panel via menu ‘Window » Type » Glyphs’. Find the icon you want to colour. Icons with layers are marked with a small right-pointing triangle in the panel. Click and hold on the icon.

A pop-up will show you all the corresponding layers. Insert each of them, starting with the one next to the base icon. Finally insert the base icon. Order is important!

Colour the layers as you like. Then select all of them and apply the ‘Stylistic Alternates’ feature from the OpenType panel. (In InDesign, apply the ‘Stylistic Set 1’ OpenType feature.)

OpenType Layout Features

keyboard icon FF Dingbats 2.0 consists of over 800 symbols in 12 separate fonts. A handy keyboard map is included in the Info Guide PDF to help you locate pictograms and the key that invokes them. Click any icon on the right to get a preview of the character maps and an overview of every glyph in the collection.

  • Basic Forms
    Basic Forms
  • Numbers
  • Arrows One
    Arrows One
  • Arrows Two
    Arrows Two
  • Arrows Three
    Arrows Three
  • Circles & Crosses
    Circles & Crosses
  • Stars & Flowers
    Stars & Flowers
  • Mixed Forms
    Mixed Forms
  • Human
  • Office
  • Technics
  • Strong
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